Thursday, February 12

Thrusday, February 12, 2009

Woke up to a crappy morning. It's raining hard and blowing outside, not bad with 45F degrees out though! Most the snow has turned into ice, the boardwalks are pretty clear of ice now. I put a harness on Dante and he's starting to want to go out side with his brothers. I just want it warmer out there before he tries to join them. A good gust will hit the house once and a while, it's blowing a good 25MPH out there, gusting up to 40MPH, at least!

Nothing much going on again this morning. We have some guys paining in the Cattle Company's office. The store opened at the usual time of 10AM. I didn't feel too great when I came down to work, hope I'm not getting that damn flu that's going around...

My morning was going pretty good, then I was given word that my great grandma Ivy (my dad's grandma) passed away from brain cancer last night. She just turned 91 in December, she was a proud smoker of Pall Malls non-filter for the past 70+ years. She was a lively person for her age, you wouldn't believe how fast she could move around! She made 90 look 60! My grannie always had a special part of my heart, I am going to miss her greatly. I am happy that she was able to meet my hubby at least! Anytime I was in Washington I always made sure I'd stop by and see her! She made some pretty good home made wine, some was "cough,cough" harsh but got you pretty lit up! She was a pretty amazing woman! I only hope to have as long and great a life as she has had!

Other than hearing that, I got the charge slips entered into the books and just sat here crying and missing her. Its so hard to accept the fact that someone has passed away when you barely see them and when it comes time to go visit them is when it hits me the hardest. Like this girl I know from Nelson Lagoon, it's so hard for me to accept the fact that this year is going to be 2 years since she passed, and it's so hard to look at her little sister and not see her, you know... Or just like this girl I went to RAHI (Rural Alaska Honors Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks), I just found her on myspace, talked with her.. then I went and commented on her page.. and a couple days later her little sister got back to me and let me know she passed away. I couldn't believe it.. I was just talking with her the other day... it's so hard to accept the things in life we cannot change - I guess that's why there is that serenity prayer huh? God grant me courage.... I guess we're all born to die one day....

Well I had some cheese sticks for lunch and the hubby opened a can of Dinty Moore beef Stew. Tyra was pretty interesting today, new show tomorrow too... good I hate having to watch re-runs...

Still crappy as hell out there, warmed up a degree up to 46F now! The ride home and back to work got me soaked. Nothing much to get done in the office today. Wish I could just go back home, curl up in my bed with a hot cup of tea. I love ordering loose tea from Summit Spice and Tea. They have this awesome coconut tea and carmel tea, I also like the vanilla tea! They offer more than just tea though! I had a friend who worked there, so that's how I found out about it. They have a website if you'd like to check them out (just google them :P)

All new Gangland on History Channel and Hells Kitchen on Fox tonight. So at least I have something to look forward to on TV tonight... Kinda looking forward to a 3-day weekend, well really on Monday when I don't have to do any paperwork. The school called and asked for a list of everyone's birthday's for a calendar. So that gives me something to do... I won't give them years just months and days of everyone I know. I pretty much know almost everyone's b-days around here...

Well that's pretty much it for the day. Obviously no planes today! Probably eat at the cafe tonight... or find something in the cupboards or fridge/freezer.... TTFN - ta ta for now


  1. Im so sorry to hear about Great Grandma Ivy. I hope you feel better soon! *hug*

  2. Im very sorry to hear about your great grandma. Feel better soon.


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