Sunday, February 8

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So again I wasn't able to enjoy sleeping in on my weekend! Dropped the hubby off to the barge at 11:30PM, came home and tried to up load pictures - the internet just wouldn't let me, kept saying I wasn't connected, which has to be BS if I'm chatting on messenger. Came home and got ready to go to sleep around quarter to 1AM. I was sleeping ok I guess, I have a hard time sleeping by myself - at least I have the pups! At about 2AM my mom called me for the 4-wheeler, her and Eva are going to take the freighter over to Dutch. Conferences for a week or so. So it's best to get out of here and wait for the Saab in Dutch.

So after running Eva and her luggage down (Eva lives next door to me) to the freighter, I went and got my mom's stuff and dropped her off. She informed me that I'm going to have to do the freighter (price everything and put it away for the store), but she told me I can get to it around 9AM. So, I came back home, cold and wide awake again. So I layed in bed with my sleepy pups until I fell back asleep. My alarm went off and startled me. I was half awake trying to figure out what it was... ha ha ha... I realized I had to get up to get down to the store and get a little group of people to go to work putting everything away and pricing it all. I got the paperwork done for yesterday's paperwork, my mom hadn't done it yet but it was in the safe, so now I'm ready for when I have to go back to the store at 12. After making sure everything was ok, and that someone from the City was there to man the forklift, I went back home.

I sat around and waiting for my hubby to call... it's almost been 11 hours and I'm hoping they are getting done soon. He called me 11AM and told me that Trident had them waiting (well asked them to wait) another 45 mins for 1 more container. Before I realized what time it was, I had to get my butt down to the store and get the cash out for the day! Good thing I still have the 4-wheeler! I almost forgot that I took my mom to the freighter this morning!!! I think I was half asleep!

After getting the cash out, and getting some ice cream. I made my way home once again. Luckily I have goggles, a scarf, hat, good hood and a coat that zips up far enough for me to be out riding in that crappy weather. It was kinda of nice this morning, light snow and breeze, temps in the low 30's. Then about 10:30AM the weather went to crap, white out conditions, heavy snow (perfect for snowmen or snowballs!), and a good constant wind that keeps the snow blowing side ways! Temps still moved up to the mid 30's

At about 12:15PM my hubby called and said he and Raymond was ready to get picked up. So I bundled back up and got back out in that weather so I can get my love out of it! It was not a nice ride let me tell you!! The snow stung on any exposed skin, and even with my goggles it was hard to see with all the snow! Not to mention it's a headwind up to Trident! I got up there and they were just getting done signing out and ready to get off the barge (which already had it's lines thrown and only one line was holding it to the dock). It's always good to see "the guys" on the tug.

We got home and the dogs were just jumping and whining and so excited to see "dad" come home! Roscoe was looking for him last night before we went to sleep... we didn't do much, realized what time it was so I cooked up some tacos. I ended up using the rest of my Taco Bell Fire sauce :( Time to call my sister!!

Now we're just sitting around the house, trying to see what's on T.V. I know my hubby has to be super tired, he hasn't gone to sleep yet. And he only took a small 2 hour nap last night before having to go to work! At least I know I'm going to sleep comfortably with him home, and he's going to be out of it! Thinking about having a bowl of ice cream, CB's blog got me craving something sweet (by the way, everything looks delicious!!). I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Slobbery kisses to all from Tug, Roscoe and Dante!! ;) All of who are getting along awesome! Dante has already put on muscle and is starting to open up to everyone. I'm trying to let everyone hold him or pet him, socialization is key to a perfect pet! I'm happy Roscoe is perfect, except the barking that comes with the breed! I let my pups bark when they are having fun, but not too much.. or when we leave the house I let them cry... they have to learn that they can't come everytime! I'm going to order another 30" 8 panel dog pen to add to the one I have so that they have more space. Right now Dante gets the smaller side, and Roscoe get's the bigger side... but at least they are still right next to each other so they can be comfortable! TTFN!

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