Sunday, February 22

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well... I tried to sleep good last night, I know the dogs enjoyed hogging up the bed! My hubby texted me at quarter to 10AM. He just wanted to say good morning :) I love him! He said they should be done by lunch time, so I'll just sit around and wait for his call. Hopefully he stayed warm all night in that wind! I let the dogs out for their walk, they liked it better this afternoon when the weather was nicer!

It was still blowing pretty good out in the morning but it's warm. Stayed 43F all day today. By noon the weather had pretty much calmed down and cleared up. Ended up being a pretty nice day. No planes though.

My hubby called quarter to 12PM and let me know I can head up in 15-20 mins to pick him and my brother up from work. So I put the little ones away and brought Tug with me. He loves being able to go for a run, especially with a 4-wheeler! He got really really muddy, but I let him wash off in the creek on our way home.

After getting my hubby home, my mom needed the bike back. So I ran down to the store first and got everything I need to enjoy tacos once again (yay, Fire sauce!!), I also had to pick up some soda for my hubby. After my mom dropped me off, we just hung out at home and watched the Gangland marathon on History Channel until about 5, then I cooked up our tacos.

Now we're just going to sit around the house and relax, my hubby is going to sleep so good tonight, and so am I!! I think we'll just keep watching Gangland until they stop playing it... then hopefully go to sleep early and catch up on our ZZZZ's!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, on my way down to the store I noticed this very beautiful blue, white and black boat at our dock... I just LOVE how the Stimpson looks, my hubby and I always say that boat could do a killing if it went crabbing (but a killing in getting all the money... or a killing in fuel prices if you did take it fishing??) Either way that is a beautiful boat! I was able to get a tour of it back when I was in school, I think that was about when they first got it... I don't remember how old I was exactly, but I was around high school age (my class being like the oldest ones there... so it had to be in like 98-99 or something...). The Stimpson is a Trooper Vessel that is based out of Dutch Harbor. (I believe Cookie Dough's hubby is the El Capitan!)

I had pix to post, but blogger isn't cooperating right now... but I have a couple pix of my 2 chi's and one looking out our bedroom window looking down towards town at 7:30PM I will post them when I can


  1. ahhh you saw them today??? Lucky! I barely remember him leaving this AM. Everyone just wandered around the house bored today! It's very quiet here when he's gone...can you get a picture of it there sometime??

  2. lol. Gonna make tacos later this week. My kids really enjoy them. BTW. if the NW boys come in soon can you get some pics of that hot body Edgar! lol. Thanks. Hope Dante is working on going potty outside!

  3. The Stimpson is a great looking boat, always ship shape, and they are going to allow EMS/Fire to conduct training on it sometime. Your blog is looking great!

  4. Love reading your blog! I found you via a Deadliest Catch website. Keep up the great writing!


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