Sunday, February 1

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My hubby got off work late last night from doing the barge. I went up at about midnight and picked him up. We stayed up until about 3AM, and we were sleeping good until the phone rang at 8AM. I totally forgot that this morning my sister was putting Dante on his flight, she informed me he had everything he needed and was dropped off, his flight should leave at 9:30AM. We fell back asleep and woke up at 11AM. I called Pen-Air Cargo in Dutch Harbor to let them know my new baby was on his way, and that CB was going to pick him up for me and watch him until he can get on his flight here to Akutan! Thanks so much CB, I don't know what I would do with out someone who cares as much as you do to help out! So we had weather updates until 3PM, until finally they just cancelled the flights because the weather isn't getting any better. Starting to get snow squalls, which is just clouding over my hopes of getting Dante over here. Temps are hanging in the high 20's. Around 1:15PM CB called me and let me know he had arrived and was one cute pup! CB emailed me the pics posted! I can't wait to get him home!

It was kind of nice this morning, with a good 20 mph breeze from the West. I thought it might have been nice enough for a plane today, I prayed hard. But to no avail, the weather only started to get miserable. SO hopefully the weather agrees with me and opens up for my Dante to make it home! I'm exited and scared to see the reaction that my Roscoe is going to have, but it's said that chi's love to be in packs with other chi's! So, hopefully they get along great! They almost look like twins!!! Except my Roscoe has white "socks", and Dante has black "socks" (feet), lol!

I'm not really watching the game, but yet I'm kinda paying attention to the scores. I'm going for the team that everyone else don't like, so go Cardinals! So far there have been a couple good commercials. I liked the Bridgestone commercial with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head! The nagging wife/gf (like I get sometimes... but don't we all at times?? right girls?!?!, ha ha ha) driving down the road b**tching (doesn't matter what, as long as it's b**tching of some sort) then this group of sheep are on the road and he hits the brakes and her mouth goes flying off and he starts to smile and keep driving... and the she puts her angry eyes on! I thought that was pretty funny! Here is a link to it :

We ordered a pizza from the cafe. Half Hawaiian for me, and half pepperoni for the hubby. We'll do nothing but sit around and lounge today. I'm keeping my hopes up and wishing hard for good weather so that the plane can fly Dante over. Pretty good pizza, I don't think I'm going to have to eat anything else today (we both ate like 3 pieces, leaving 1 each). Finish it up maybe after the game is done! Hoping they have something great planned for the half-time show. Jennifer Hudson didn't do a bad job on singing out National Anthem, Faith Hill sang America the Beautiful. The part we like is when the airforce jets fly over after the National anthem.

Not too big on Bruce Springsteen, but I know most the songs that he sings! Wasn't too bad I guess.... but you know it must be nice and loud there in that stadium! So far I think the Steelers are a head 17-7. Some of the beer commercials are stupid. Still waiting to see the one second Miller High Life commercial, HA!

The Superbowl game ended pretty good. I didn't know who was going to win that last minute of the game. But the Steelers won 26-23. The weather seems like it doesn't know what it wants to do. All the sudden it's beautiful out at 7PM. I'm hoping and praying that it's beautiful tomorrow. The forcast for the next week doesn't look good, but weather around here can change in 5 minutes! So we'll see, if not, Dante has a boat ride at the end of the week if the plane still hasn't flown by then. I'm hoping he don't have to make a boat ride. First time I took Roscoe over on a boat he got sea sick. I thought it was so cute but sad at the same time. My poor baby frothing up, eyes rolling around, looking at me like whats going on - throwing up into a puke bag. Just the thought of me holding him and trying to comfort him on the 5 hour ride over with his head in the puke bag - was kind of unexpected, but funny! I never thought I'd actually see a dog get motion sickness like that. I know I heard of dogs getting car sick... so I guess they can also get sea sick! But at least I know that the latest Dante can get to me would be by this coming weekend, but hopefully before then!

I think we're going to end our night playing one of the video games we have for our xbox 360, or pop some popcorn and watch a movie. Not sure if there is going to be anything interesting on tv. We have about 37 channels. I only really watch Discovery, History, A&E, TLC, NBC, VH1, MTV, and we watch Family Guy on two different channels. I like to watch the news and CNN just so I can keep up with what's going on in the world. We're going to sleep good tonight, I think we're going to bed early, catch up on the zzzzz's we missed out on last night!! Till tomorrow, have a great night!


  1. I'm sure Roscoe is going to love his new buddy! CB is a great friend isn't he? I know he will be a good Uncle for Dante! Take lots of homecoming pics for us! Prayers that the flight makes it tomorrow.

  2. I couldn't wait to get home from a Super Bowl party to check on the status of Dante. It's really happening- he will be with you soon- am so excited for you. Keep us posted.

  3. that is such a cute puppy. Im glad CB was able to puppysit for you. Isnt he just great! the game was pretty good. Loved the potato head commercial the best.

  4. He is adorable, hope he is with you soon.
    In the mean time, I know CB will take great care of him for you.


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