Saturday, February 7

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Woke up the the phone ringing at 9AM... I thought it was the weekend??? What happened to sleeping in? So we're up at 9AM, there is nothing good on TV so we left it on CNN. We walked the dogs, the weather is still as crappy it was yesterday. Blowing snow and cold out.

We ended up staying up and watching the pups play around. We sat around pretty much all afternoon just hanging out in the house. We had my hubbys parents go to the store and pick us up the soda that we were running out of! Happy we didn't have to walk out in that weather.

By about 3PM the weather got nice out, but still a little breezy, the clouds are dark. We decided to walk down to the cafe and have a bite to eat at 5:30PM. I had an egg flower soup and the hubby had mongolian beef. We took his left overs to his parents, there was a lot of food and I even ate some!

We got a call out for the barge. Midnight tonight, 2 guys. So my hubby and Ray are going to go back up tonight. Hopefully they won't be working as long as they did last week. I make sure to send my hubby up with a thermos full of hot lipton tea (we don't drink coffee, and he needs something to drink to help stay warm!)!

Still talking and working with my sister on our plans for end of the year. Like I said I like to be prepared and would like to get our airline tickets bought here soon, incase rates change we'll already be booked! So hopefully we can both save up and get that done before end of next month. Car rental is easy to make, but we'll have to have extra put on the side for the hotel deposits too. I figured we can wait just until we go down to get our tickets to all the parks, since those prices change by end of the year! My sister's fiancee is super excited knowing that we are getting everything figured out, he don't care - as long as we're going!

I got my Video professor CD/DVD roms in the mail the other day. I got Quickbooks, so I am learning all I can from these discs then mailing them back. I get 10 days to review them, then just have to mail 1 disc back. But I might just send it all back to them.... I have to call them on Monday. But I am going through all the lessons. Some of it I already know, some is new to me, some we don't even need to know because we don't use that part of the program. I like to make sure I know what's going on with stuff in the office, like how to run the programs correctly! And that takes having to learn all I can about it! So that's what I'm doing.

Other than the video professor, I am just blogging it and letting the hubby sleep until the barge comes in. I have the 4-wheeler, so I'll be driving him and Ray up to work when they need to go up. I have my radio on the channel that the barge uses and the captain said he'd call me to let me know when they are here incase I don't hear/see them coming in the bay. That tug is so powerful that you can hear it rumbling from out in the bay in our house! Can always tell when it's going by out front, not hard to mistake the sounds of those monster engines! We named our lab after that tug (the Gyrfalcon), my hubby's been working for them since he turned 18! Not to mention I used to always say it was meant to come/be here, since our high school mascot as the falcon, to be more specific our mascon was the gyrfalcon. So it seemed no coinincidence that that tug comes here!!! My hubby made a pretty acurate model of that tug out of a foam cork/bouy. He also makes models of fishing boats. Right now he is currently working on that famous white boat everyone knows (I don't know if he wants me to tell anyone or not, but oh well I guess I just did....). He made a couple boats modeled after a couple different boats, but this is the second time he is trying to make an identical copy of a boat (the tug Gyrfalcon being his first almost identical model boat. He carves the cork/foam bouy with Victornox brand knives and likes to use different colored corks/bouys and uses krazy glue to secure everything. I just got him into painting his boats, which he thought wouldn't work great but it looks pretty good! So that's something that takes up his spare time and keep him busy. He's been making those boats ever since his parents would let him handle something sharp enough to cut into the cork! I can always remember all the boys around here playing "boats" down on the beach, all with their crabbers and draggers carved out of those same cork bouys! So it's something he's always done, but I've been trying to convince him to start doing them out of wood. I don't know if he's up to the challenge, but I hope he opens up to the idea someday!

Blogger isn't letting me up load pix right now, but I will try to post pix of my hubby's work later.

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