Saturday, February 28

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yay, got to sleep in, but it didn't come eaily, I swear I get that RLS (restless leg syndrome) once and a while. Last night my legs were hurting a big, and it felt like I just wanted to run... I drew a hot bubble bath and soaked until I felt relaxed, then fell back asleep.

Woke up to a beautiful day, the sun is out, patches of blue sky only about 38F out though, a very light breeze wafting through the air. We took the dogs out a couple ties this AM, Dante is starting to go pee outside, but he prefers the pee pads I think.

We stayed inside until about 2:30, then we went down to the cafe and got a bite to eat. I had my usual French dip (I know, I know, I eat that a lot there... but it's one of the only things I like that they offer.), the hubby had a chicken burger with no cheese.

After we ate we went took the dogs out for a walk down towards the incinerator, then decided to walk up the hill a bit. Dante loves being able to run around with Tug and Roscoe! They all had a blast, we walked up quiet a way, then made our way down right behind our house. Some how my hubby lost his hat... hopefully we can back track and find it, it was the had I got him from Disneyland... Hope we can find it... :(

My hubby got a call out for the barge tonight, it should be in between midnight and 2AM, so we'll make sure to listen up for the Gyrfalcon tonight and take him up to work. It was a 2 guy call out, so I believe my bro should be going up with my hubby.

We don't have nothing much planned for the day, relax at home with the pups and see what's on TV now I guess. That hike can be my exercise for the day, I didn't really do a workout last night, but I did steam clean my carpets. Which was kind of like a workout, I broke a sweat! LOL....

Well have a great Saturday, TTFN


  1. Hi April, I had a Chi that was more partial to potty pads than the outdoors. I finally started taking a pad outdoors with us and he eventually got the idea. After that he would 'go' outside if he was out and on the pads if he was in and no one was available to take him out. Worth a try!

  2. Housework can be substituted as exercise.


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