Saturday, February 21

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well woke up to a very windy morning. Blowing a good 60 MPH out there, temps in the low 40's. A low fog not really letting any precipitation out.

I was expecting to sleep in this morning, but my phone was ringing before 9AM. I had the 4-wheeler and I guess the Cattle Company needed to use it to take their skiff up to Trident for repairs to the bottom. I let them know the key was in the bike and they could have just taken it. The dogs got up and didn't let us fall back asleep, so we got up and took them out for their morning outing. Dante doesn't like the wind, I don't blame him - he's so small!

We didn't really do much all day today. Got a call out for the barge tonight. My hubby will go up and work this one! They said they should be here around 11:30PM tonight, so I'm going to make sure he gets a nap later. We ate cereal this morning, I have a weak spot for Lucky Charms (I think I just like the sugary marshmallows :P). Nothing really on TV all day today, how boring! At least Cops and America's Most Wanted is going to be on tonight. Got a little teary eyed last night watching the last Late Night with Conan O'Brian.

Went to the cafe tonight for dinner. Ended up having a Philly Cheese hold the mushrooms. The hubby had a big breakfast. Need to eat something hearty to hold him off until he has to go to work tonight. I like to send him up with snacks and drinks, we went to Trident store and got some beef jerkey(2 of them - one for each of us), Cheeze Its (for him) and ice cream (for both of us....not like I need it...)

Spent most the day at home. My dogs are so cute when they are playing nice together and not being jealous of what the other one has! I like when they are quiet and just laying around being lovey. Then they get into this hyper mode where they practically run in circles around the whole house until they get tired... Dante has taken a liking to trying to "make babies" or rape any part of Tug that he can get his little legs around. Tug will just lay there and look at him... LOL!

The hubby laid down to take a nap around 8PM, the barge ended up getting here a little early (maybe the wind helped push them this way) so I had to wake him up at 10:15PM and get him ready. Made him tea and put it in his thermos, put the munchies in his bag and made sure everything he needed was ready. We rode up on the 4-wheeler and I dropped him off at about 10:30PM.

The time is 11:50PM right now, it's still blowing hard out there, and the temp is 37F. I figured I'd get my blog in before it's Sunday :D I'm going to stay up and flip channels and watch my pups then eventually try to fall asleep. I have such a hard time sleeping by myself, but the pups love being able to hog up as much space as the want on the bed (they usually have to sleep in their beds located above our pillows on our bed!)! So have a great night and we'll see what's going on tomorrow.

Oh and of course no planes today, 50-60MPH is way too windy for a plane here!!! (shoot 25MPH is even pushing it).....

Ok, well Good night... TTFN


  1. good to hear he was able to make some extra cash. Definitely sounds like the dogs are one big happy family now.

  2. How do you play Bingo with a dog in your lap sniffing at your sandwich and struggling to get a bite and get your numbers marked off? I stress out enough just finding the numbers. BTW I know you are following CB's blog. Go check out the pics of Willie the assistant chef and tell me if you think he is Unangan- I think he looks Hawaiin but I could be wrong. Either way I think he is handsome and just curious- OH he is going to think I am a stalker. Your husband- is he of Russian descent- just asking because of his name.

  3. I brought his kennel down so I could let him feel "safe". I'm not sure, he does look hawaiian/samoan maybe...

    My hubby - well most Unangans out here have Russian names from when the Russians owned Alaska, had enslaved our people, they brought their faith (Russian Orthodox) and converted almost everyone... and a lot of people out in this part of AK have Russian last names - there are a lot ending in "off" (I'm not sure if my people used to have last names like the cival world at the time, so the Russian's gave us last names... don't quote me on that though, I'm not too sure....) But my hubby is 100% Unangan.


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