Saturday, February 14

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day! I surprised my hubby with a card this morning; he wasn’t expecting anything since we weren’t going to make a big deal about today. But I wanted to get him a card at least, he said I made him feel bad because he didn’t get me anything, but I let him know that it was ok! :D I love him anyways!

Woke up to some crappy weather! Blowing wet snow coming from the East. Completely fogged in. We woke up early and did the morning ritual of walking the dogs. The internet at my house isn’t working… well it says I’m connected but I’m not getting online. So that really sucks…

The barge is going to come in today around 19 hundred hours (7PM). My hubby has a pretty bad head/chest cold, so he’ll be staying home for this call out. Really sucks, this was his barge to catch up on hours and now he has to pass on it. His health is more important than work though when we have other people who can fill in!

I ran down to town on the 4-wheeler and got the cash out for the store at noon. Didn’t really see anyone outside at all. The wind has let down a bit and it’s just raining now. Not bad temps temp wise, mid to high 30’s.

We went down to the café and had their special. Pork loin roast with mashed potatoes and salad on the side for $13.95. Pretty good, and the usual lots of food! Took the left overs to my dad, was enough to feed him too! I also picked up my order of 6 assorted cupcakes, I love the mini cupcakes Lisa made. I swear I can eat a million of those little bite-size pieces of heaven!

We didn’t do anything really today but hang out in the house with the pups. Nothing on tv today either, well the cable was out this morning because of the wet snow, probably all built up on the satellite dish. But once it started to rain the cable came back on. Nothing really on tv today, at least Cops and America’s Most Wanted are on tonight. We don’t have any new movies to watch either, so I guess it’s re-runs and more channel flipping…. At 10:30 PM it was 41F out, with a slight drizzle of rain, a slight fog breeze whisping through the air. Wonder that this weather wants to do... I heard it's supposed to get worse than it was earlier!! We'll see I guess....TTFN

P.S. I've been offered to go on board the NW before... they were tendering doing the herring season one year with the Karen Evich in our harbor. I'll publish a post with those pix :)

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