Monday, February 2

Monday night, February 2, 2009

Dante is loving everything since he's been here! He is such a little lover, but he won't go near my husband for nothing. So you can tell he was raised around women!

The weather is completely crappy out. Definately worse than the blizzard we had a couple days ago. I am so lucky that it was nice out this morning to let the plane come in! It is snowing heavily, and blowing pretty hard. Can barely see town from where my house is located! It's not that bad temp wise, hanging out at about 34, but the wind chill is what kills ya!

I'm still searching for my camera cord... I have a memory card reader at work, so pix tomorrow by the latest!

We had Marie Calendar's Sweet and Sour chicken for dinner. Dante loved the chicken, but wouldn't touch the veggies for anything. Roscoe happily ate the veggies! Happy to see Dante get up and find the food and water dishes and using the potty pads! Won't be long until I have him doing tricks!

So I get to register Dante. I am changing his name to El Dante Miguel Cortez. I am happy that I get to register him with the AKC and have all his paperwork sent here to me (weather permitting). I have full registration of him, so if I ever do decide to breed my pups I will be able to hopefully give papers with them (making sure that I get an AKC registered female some day in the future, not any time soon). So I am happy about that. Get his pedigree and get a frame for it and put it on the wall with his brother's predigrees. I also like the fact that he's going to be registered under both me and my husband! :D I'm doing his registration online, because the lady I got it from already filled out the paper version. So I'm registering him online!
Yay, I'm so happy!!!

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  1. Were you dancing in your seat when you wrote that. It definitely sounds like you are very happy right now. Good luck with breeding. My friend does it with Golden Retrievers and it can be a lot of headache. I like the name.


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