Monday, February 9

Monday, February 9, 2009

Woke up to a semi-beautiful morning. The rock ducks whistling and calling to each other, a calm light snow falling from the sky. About 8 inches of heavy snow lay on the ground. The snow blower went by the house around 8:15AM, after hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock until it wouldn't go off anymore, I finally coaxed myself out of bed. My mom is gone for conferences, so I have to get to work by 9:30AM so I can get the paperwork out for the store. Monday... payroll has to get done today too... At 8:30AM I got a call asking what time are time cards due in the office, I let them know I need them by 10AM. Right after hanging up my mom called me from Dutch, excited letting me know she got to meet CB!

I ran out of money on my electric(stat) and have to go buy some more power from the city. The power doesn't shut off over the weekend, it'll accumulate debit, then at 9:30AM on Monday the power will shut off! At least I was out of the house before the power shut off, but my hubby rode down into town with me so he can go to the City office so he can get some $$ put on our stat card, take it home and run it through the machine. Then our lights will be back on... :P

Brought Dante to work with me again, I think since I've had him I've only been away from him for like 3-4 hours (when we went to steam bath), other than that he's always with me! He's been putting some weight on and filling out and starting to look great! He was a little scrawny when we got him, but now he's loving everything - I think my lil ones just like to run around the house, they are pretty fast!

Weather looks nice enough for a plane... ha, just cause my mom and Eva took the freighter over, it's flyable today... it seems like it's always like that. Supposed to leave from here and the weather is supposed to be crappy, so we all take a boat over to Dutch. Then just because we're already over there or something, the weather decides to clear up and the goose will fly! And half the time it's a really bad boat ride (get your puke bags out!) that take 4-5 hours! But at least they'll be making it to all their conferences, I went last year, this year it's my mom's turn. :)

Well I have to get payroll done this morning. Got the paperwork out for the store, Alice (my mother-in-law) is working for Eva while she is out, she usually just works on the weekends but this week she'll work M-F for me. Thank her because I don't really have anyone else to work at the store, and I don't want to have to do it (hard to run the store and office at the same time). So at least I have my mother-in-law to fill in!

We have a demolition crew, put up a sign up sheet and had those people go to work for us tearing down the old store building. It's one of the oldest building left standing in the village. But it's about to fall in on its self, you can see the sides starting to try to buckle and working it's way down towards the ground. So we have guys working on tearing it down and making burn piles on the beach. They took the 4-wheeler this morning so they can haul the bigger stuff that isn't burnable down to the city's "dump" pile. I think my hubby is going to jump on that project, he's been signed up for it. We have a good amount of guys signed up, so hopefully doesn't take long to get that building down.

Lunch wasn't too bad... cooked up some kosher hot dogs. The pups loved that we cut up some of the leftovers and let them share! The sun is bright out in the white snow! Not only did we run out of power this morning, but we noticed we're also out of damn fuel! So down to the City office again to order fuel!

I got payroll done just before leaving to lunch, now I'm sitting here this afternoon trying to find stuff to keep me busy for now. I have charge slips to enter into the book. I can still enter my paperwork into the spreadsheets (seems like that is never ending)... I got a couple checks to write for the Post office. We got one plane in so far, I heard they brought a good amount of mail (wonder if I got anything in???) I'll get to work on a deposit here later. I need to look around and see if I need to get an office supply order done (check on how many time cards, paperclips, tape, sticky, paper and envelopes we have).

My love is cooking steam bath today. He could have gone to work but he wasn't sure what they were doing today, so he'll join them tomorrow. So today he's going to clean and cook steam bath. Sounds like something great to look forward to after work. The USA network channel is having the Westminster Dog show today 8/7 Central, continuing on CNBC at 9/8 central. So I have something to watch tonight. Plus new episodes of The love of Ray J and I Love Money 2 on VH1, also new Man vs Wild and One Way Out on Discovery Ch. I'm just looking forward to the dog show! :D

Not sure what we're going to cook up for dinner tonight. Halibut chowder sounds good again. We got bacon in the store again, so this time it'll be easier to make (had to scrounge around and bum bacon from people last time!)... I'd love to have BBQ halibut, but I have to order a new grill... mine didn't make it this winter... lol

I don't know exactly what the plane is doing today, but I know they made one flight so far and are scheduled to be back around 4:30PM. It's beautiful out, about 36 degrees. I wonder what the weather was supposed to do?? Can never predict our weather around here, well you can but your odds aren't great!


  1. I have two questions for ya:

    1) What are these conferences for? Just curious about the whole set up vs what we in the lower 48 deal with and conferences.

    2) What do you do about veterinary care if an animal gets sick - like really sick?

  2. 1. Alaska Village Inititives conferences. They would be same as down south. No difference. It would be just like if you had to travel to a different town to get training. But this one isn't training, it's where a bunch of vendors get together. Good place to meet new vendors and associate with ones we do business with. But we fly up to Anchorage, go to a convention center or a hotel with a good size meeting rooms and have a conference. I don't know how else to explain it.. not any different than down south. Shoot some are down south.

    2. if my dogs get really sick I pray like hell that I can find a boat or hope that the plane flys so that I can get out of here and get them to the closest vet, sometimes there is one in Dutch, but I'd probably have to fly to Anchorage. We have a couple that we can call. but the best bet is to fly out. I would do anything for my babies!

  3. Your Mum is great April and I will be sending you pictures of her that I took tonight, maybe tomorrow, but probably Wed as I have a Day off.
    Kiss Dante for me!!

  4. Hi Apri,
    I am confused about the power grid for your home. You generate your own power as muchas you can and purchase froma power grid when your storage runs out?
    Are you wind generating power?
    I enjoy your multiple entries in the blog.

    Thank you

  5. OK peeps- April needs Taco Bell Fire Sauce-lets see what we can do.

  6. your so cute Janice... yeah I ran out :( hoping my mom brings some home when she comes back.. lol ;)


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