Monday, February 23

Monday, February 23, 2009

So what a morning to wake up to… The weather is flat calm beautiful and the sun seems like it already wants to come up over the mountains! The temps don’t feel too bad in the high 30’s. The dogs loved their morning outing. We didn’t get out of bed until 9:15AM today, slept in. I realized we ran out of power again and had to run down to the City office before 9:30 (that’s when our power will shut off if we haven’t gotten any by then, it won’t shut off over the weekend – waits until 9:30 the following Monday). So I had to book my butt down there, I thought I had the 4-wheeler, so I got dressed and ran outside and then remembered that my mom took it last night. So I just decided the hell with it and jumped on my hubby’s BMX bicycle! I made it down to the City office and back before my power shut off! What a workout! The chain slipped twice on me :P On my way down though I happened to see two of the Stimpton Troopers leaving the school. I noticed one as Dennis Kyle!! He used to be a VPSO here for a year or so! I ran up gave him a hug, it was really good to see him, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him – always seem like I get to see his wife Pam and the kids!

After getting back to the house, I found both my damn chi’s peeing on the box spring mattress. Oh was I pissed off to see that… I don’t know exactly how long they have been doing that… From the looks of it, they haven’t really been doing it that long, hopefully… So I pulled out my carpet steam cleaner and used the hand attachments to scrub and clean off my bed, then I covered that corner in pee pads in case the lil bastards decide to pee on it again. I don’t know what else to try to put up to stop them from doing it… so I figured pee pads are replaceable and waterproof on the back… so it’s was the best idea I had at the time…..

I made it down to work at about 10:15AM. Was a little late because cleaning my bed with the steam cleaner took a little longer than I expected it to. My mom got all the charge slips entered into the books. Monday is payroll day, so we’re making sure we have everyone’s timecards. A lot of employees this week, a lot of construction and demo going on for us. (I took a couple pix of the old store being torn down on my way back to work from lunch.) I had to help my mom with some stuff on QuickBooks. For some reason it has the wrong check number to be printed, but in the register it doesn’t show a check for the previous number, so I’m wondering why it’s skipping a number. Isn’t hard to change the check number for the computer before you print them. Then I had to help her with some of the employee’s pay because she wasn’t here last week, I let her know that demo was posted as $12/hr. We got payroll done just before lunch, and I cashed like 5 checks before going to lunch! I also had a couple City employee’s come up and cash their payroll checks at the same time. I had 3 people who put money on their store bills. We the first plane come in at 11:30, nothing but people and their bags.

Went to lunch and ate at the Café again. I had my usual French Dip and the hubby had chicken nuggets. I only eat less than half my sandwich and some of the fries and take the rest home. I split the meat between my dogs, spoiled brats… I try to watch how much I eat so I don’t over eat. Before I used to eat the whole thing and all the fries, but I’m learning to eat slow and small portions or I’ll pig out :P I forgot to grab my camera before going to work, and wasn’t able to get any pictures of the Stimpson, we noticed it heading out of the bay like right after we were done eating and going home (about 12:30PM or so)

So now back at work this afternoon, I have my own personal deposit that I want to get out in the mail. There is a tramper (Japanese/Russian freighter boat) sitting up at Trident filling up with product. There are a bunch of Russian’s walking around town today. We have the AK Marine Pilot staying the hotel while they are here loading the ship. They used to employ people from town to do “steve-a-dore” (I think that’s what it’s called) but no one here has done it in a long time that I know of. My hubby’s cousin I think was one of the last to work there… like 3-4 years ago.

We got a couple faxes in to post. I’m going to go down and empty the quarters out of the washers and dryers down at the laundry mat (it’s small but at least we have one – there are 2 washers and 2 dryers). I also have to check the Change making machine and make sure it has enough quarters in it, if not I’ll go back down after I count up the ones out of the washers and dryers and go put them back down in that change machine! So that gives me something else I can get done. I need to get some hotel billing done up and mailed and like usual enter the daily paperwork into the spreadsheets. I have to go thru last fiscal year’s spreadsheets and find the total amount our store made last year in order for us to reapply for our participation in the Gov’t Food Stamp program. That will be super easy! :D I love knowing I have it all on the computer and can just pull info up and find what I need!

We have a guy working out in the hall way of our office, taking down all the posters and removing the trim. Then I guess he’s going to tape everything off and they are going to finally paint the walls white. I swear for as long as I can remember they have always had a funny paint scheme going on up here. At one time the office I’m in now was painted light blue/green, the hallway is this ugly peach-orange color, the Cattle Co and Fisheries office is this bright lime green like color, and the bathroom still has a coating of light blue. I don’t know who originally came up with those ideas, but I’m happy the finally decided to paint it all white! My mom and the person who I replaced painted what is now my mom’s and my office white because they were tired of the blue/green color in here. When we have time my mom said we could paint our own office, yay something to look forward to later this year!! I need to finish painting the interior of my house… I started to slack off when it came to my living room… I really don’t want to try to move everything off my walls and try to bunch it all in the center and try to get all the walls painted. I ordered that Paint Perfect thingy off tv… it was only like 25 with shipping… so see if that works like it says it does… if it does good on the walls I’ll see how it does on the ceiling like the infomercial said! LOL… I’ll be sure to comment on it here one day once I use it… ha ha ha

Monday night, not sure what is on TV tonight, I know there are a couple new shows that are on VH1 tonight. I didn’t really watch the Oscars last night. We watched the Gangland marathon on History Channel. But I did go on VH1’s live online blog about the Oscars and on commercial breaks would change channels and blog/chat live with everyone about what people were wearing, who was winning, who was there, ect…. I have to admit that was pretty cool… I don’t have anything in picked out for dinner tonight… everything has been sounding so boring. Maybe I’ll just fry up some pork with onions and make a sweet ‘n sour sauce and put that all over rice. Maybe throw in some veggies (like broccoli and carrots). I have to make sure I have vinegar though… I don’t know if we have any down at the store… I haven’t had to order any in a while…. Hmmmm…..

Well posting my blog early today. The weather is definitely staying nice enough for the 2nd scheduled flight to come in. Not sure what they might bring over, as long as my deposit makes it out in the mail! :) I’m going to hold down my seat, answer the phone, cash checks, wait for end of the work day and get all the paperwork done up then make it home for the day!

Blogger still isn't letting me post pics... AGGGRRRHHH... Darn it... well I will post all the pix I have when it lets me... sorry....

I hope everyone had a great Monday and an even better Monday night!! TTFN

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