Monday, February 2

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay! The went to walk our pups this morning, and it happens to be beautiful out! I can't explain this feeling I have inside me. It's like butterflies in my tummy, like I'm a little girl in love! I am hoping and praying hard that the weather holds up and lets the first flight come in. I called CB and gave him the weather report for over here, sounds like it's just as beautiful over there! CB said he's checking in the the airlines at 10, so hopefully they get over quick! I want to see my Dante! At 11AM, my cousin called me and said that she was holding Dante and waiting for their flight.

I got word that plane is going to be in, in 20 mins! I gotta grab my camera and go! I'll post pix and write more later!

I don't know where I put my camera cable. But Dante, or "Tez" as I'm calling him, is so cute! My cousin held him in her coat the whole Goose ride over. She said it was a crappy ride. I am so lucky that the plane came in, my prayers were answered. Thank you to everyone else to was wishing as hard as I was for him to get home to me, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to CB and my lil sis for all their help in getting him home! He is the happiest little dog, took him an hour to open up to Roscoe. But now they are running around the house playing with each other! Dante wasn't house broken, but he went on to the potty pad and pee'd! I was so happy and proud of him, I hope I didn't scare him by praising and loving on him. The weather is now crappy and blowing a good 35 from the ESE. There is no way that another plane is going to make it in. There was my cousin, the pilot and a whole plane load of mail! YAY! My hubby got his new coat in, I surprised him and got him a new pair of gloves too! ;)

Dante's little tail wags a million miles a minute while he's playing with Roscoe! I'm so happy that they are getting long like 2 peas in a pod! He seems to get really scared when Roscoe barks though. He's so cute and Dante could almost pass as a clone of Roscoe, except for the fact that I pointed out that he has black sock, and Roscoe has white socks! I can't explain how excited I am that the weather was nice enough for that one flight I was praying so hard to come in, came in! He is being spoiled rotten, checking out the whole house, who he now gets to own/share with his two other brothers. Chewing on all the dog stuff we have laying around (believe me when I say I load up at the pet store on all kinds of stuff for my pups!) Some times my lil sis can't believe how much we actually spend on them, but it's worth it for them to be happy and enjoy a great life with everything they could ever want! (except a female... lol)

When I find my camera cable I will be sure to post pix of both my little babies playing together! I got one pic of the goose as it was getting on the ramp, I almost forgot my camera at the office and had to go running back to get it. I made sure to call CB, my lil sis and the lady I got him from to let them all know that he's home with me and getting used to everything! I think he's going to LOVE it here, and I'm going to love having him just as much!

The temp is actually hanging out around freezing. Feels good compared to the low 20's we've been having. The weather is supposed to get crappy for like the next week. Fore casted to be 35 mhp gusting to 50mph. So I'm super lucky that a plane made it in during the little break we had this morning. You wouldn't believe how flat calm and beautiful it was, the calm before the storm! Now it's back to the usual crappy, windy, snowy, rainy weather that's the norm for this time of the year.

I took the rest of the day off from work so that I can be home with Dante and let him get used to his new surroundings. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I have to get all the billing done for December and January. Then finish up getting all the paper work entered into the spreadsheets. I helped my mom get payroll done this morning, cashed a couple checked. Garbage day today, so we made sure to put our garbage out before we left the house this morning. On the weekdays pick ups are from 9AM until about 10:30AM, on Saturdays we put it out by noon no later than 1PM.

I have to say it's super cute watching Roscoe and Dante run around chasing each other playing! I'm so happy that I'm able to get another chi!!! I'm so excited to have him! The more the merrier! ;) Well I'm going to go watch them and play with both my little pups, Tug is way too big to be playing with them. He gets his own time out side with his ChuckIt - ball launcher thing. Again thanks for everyones hopes, thoughts and prayers for Dante to make it home, because he has arrived. So far seems like he's loving it! :D

I wonder if I got any other mail??? I don't think I'm expecting anything, maybe some good junk mail (magazines and stuff). I'll check later if I make it back down into town. We have to go back to the store before it closes to get something for dinner and some more sodas..... :D Chicken nuggets for lunch, both my little pups loved the little pieces we gave them!!!


  1. Hope the plane made it in! Cant wait to hear how it went.

  2. I'm so glad your little blessing made it to you. I am looking forward to the pictures!
    Snuggle with your wee ones tonight.

  3. Aww I cant wait to see pics. Im glad they made it in safe and sound.


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