Saturday, February 14

F/V Northwestern Pix

Figured I'd post some pix of the Northwestern when they were tendering for the F/V Karen Evich for herring season one year here in our harbor... I think the date was July 19, 2005... Hope you like :) Oh and in order to get some of these shots, I had to climb on the boat!

The F/V Northwestern tendering herring for the F/V Karen Evich in Akutan Harbor. Just out of view is the spotter plane parked and tied to the stern, you can just see the power skiff.

A Front view of the NW, back view of the KE. There is the spotter plane.

A little eye candy (for Kim), the handsome Edgar Hanson..

I had to get this shot! The life ring hanging by the shelter deck

My hubby standing with Edgar and another guy, watching the herring fill the tanks...

Herring coming aboard.


  1. love the pics. thanks for sharing!!

  2. April,
    Thanks it is so interesting to see the fisheries in action.
    I enjoy your blog (as a teacher I enjoy your composition too)

  3. Love the pics. I wondered where they did some of this at. Nice to know.

  4. Definitely brought a smile to my face! Thanks sweety! Hope you had a wonderful V day!

  5. Wonderful picture enjoyed your blog thanks for sharing some of your life with us.

  6. The edgar pic brought a smile to my face also. I love this pic. How cool that you got to go aboard! thanks so much for the pictures!

  7. April,

    I was looking for pics of the F/V Karen Evich on line and found your page. I would like to get a copy of your pic's w/ the F/V Karen Evich if possible? Please email me if you have time at

    Thank You,
    John C. Evich


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