Friday, February 6

Friday, February 6, 2009

YAY, it's the 2 week anniversary of my blog!! :D

Woke up to a blizzard of a morning. Can't even really see the light pole on the other side of the board walk! Blowing snow and white out conditions. I called down to my mom and asked if I could stay home today with Dante. Seeing that I got almost everything I needed to finished up done for this week. So I stayed home and did pretty much nothing.

We got our Saw V movie in yesterday, but my father-in-law forgot to bring it up last night, so he gave it to my mom today and she brought it up for me at lunch time. We watched that this afternoon. Not really what I expected, but it had me shaking at times!

I love watching my pups play together. Dante is just finding out that Tug is around and loves to try to play with him. Tug just sits there and looks at us as Dante is hanging off his lips and ears. I have to make sure to let that little guy, or "mouse" as my hubby's been calling him, knows that it's not OK to be chewing up his older brothers. Dante still has puppy teeth! At least I know I have plenty of stuff for him to chew on. It's funny how Roscoe and Dante love to play keep away from each other and chase each other around the house. Dante is getting some muscles in his legs, starting to jump and make it up on the couches and bed now! I think he's just learning from watching Roscoe rule the house! I saw Dante follow him to the window sill earlier this afternoon to watch if anyone was walking by!

We had our usual from the cafe today. I had my french dip with cheese this time, and the hubby had a chicken burger. Ate kinda late, so we probably won't eat a big dinner, just snack on chips and what ever else we have in the house. I know I have pistachio's somewhere..... forgot to go to the store to pick up our usual box of soda each, so hopefully we don't run out before the store opens back up tomorrow....

I got that video professor cd rom learning kit thingy. I get to look at the 3 disks for the next 10 days, then mail a disk back and keep the other 2. So I got Quickbooks, so I can learn anything else on it that I don't understand. See what it's all about and stuff, then get a disc back in the mail, ASAP.

There was absolutely nothing on tv today... not even good re-runs of any of those "reality" shows... I feel so tired and ready to go to sleep, but then I look at the time and it's so early! Especially for a Friday! At least I have Leno to look forward to tonight.

I've been busy playing travel agent today, pricing up how much everything would cost to attend our friends wedding this December. I like to make sure I have everything planned out way in advance. That way I can budget and.... I don't know..... I guess I just like to make dream plans that I want to set into motion one day. And putting it on paper and figuring out what I have to do to get that dream accomplished, is where I like to start! So I'm getting airline ticket prices, hotel prices, car rental prices, and park ticket prices. Then share all the info I'm gathering with my little sis, since we're planning on going on this trip together with our significant others (and maybe her baby!). So far not too bad what I'm finding. The part that kills us (my hubby and I) is the airfare from here (akutan-KQA) to Anchorage (ANC)!! But, we'll see what we do, might use mileage tickets to get to Anchorage, then pay for 1st class to fly down south... I'll figure it out when the times gets closer... for now I'll budget and quote everything!

Obviously no planes today.. hell the weather was so bad I didn't even walk to work! The temp is hanging out in the high 20's, wind is blowing a good 20-30 mph from the W. Dumping a light powdery snow, but lots of it (white out conditions). Roscoe didn't even go off the porch to potty (he usually goes on the lamp pole across the boardwalk). Tug don't care he loves the snow, went out to use the bathroom and all he did was roll in the snow and jump around!

I ordered a bunch of supplies for my spoiled babies! Roscoe needed a new sherpa bag to travel in, he don't fit in the small anymore - needs a med. But Dante can definitely fit in his old one! I also got Dante a new baby blue colored bed! I also had to order all my pups food. They all eat Purina Pro Plan - Large breed for Tug, Small breed for the little ones! I figured I'd throw in some dog toys, milk bones, these dingo bones they love, some bullysticks, and of course more pee pads! Damn shipping is an arm and a leg when it comes to their damn dry dog food, but for my babies it's worth it!

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  1. Congrats On Two weeks!!!
    I have really enjoyed it so far!!!
    Kiss Dante For me


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