Friday, February 27

Friday, February 27, 2009

Well went from windy as hell one day, to calm yesterday, back to blowing a good 40+ from the south this morning! Wow, it’s like 52F out, feels good, even in the wind! I think it’s super cute to wake up with my little “mouse” curled up all close to me with his head up on my pillow. Roscoe prefers to sleep in his kennel at night, Dante’s been sneaking into the blankets middle of the night, I don’t mind, my hubby is just scared to roll over on to him! The dogs went out and enjoyed the warm wind, sometimes they want to just play and not come back inside, so we make sure to play with them enough so that they can be happy!

I got down to work this morning, wow there was a line of Trident people going up the stairs to my office, all waiting to get their checks cashed. My mom looked a little relieved that I arrived; I took over cashing everyone’s checks as soon as I got in. My mom got back to what she was doing; I think she’s looking for a bank transfer from last summer. I cashed everyone’s checks, including a couple locals who also put money on their store accounts. End of the month, salary employees for the City and my mom get paid today. Usually the 15th and the end of the month are paydays for salary employees, most of them are showing up for cash today. :)

This morning seemed to drag by, even though I was busy the whole time. Lunch time finally rolled around, and I went home and cooked us up some French toast with sausage links. I love my French toast with lots of powdered sugar, a little bit of butter and of course syrup! The school is having their fundraiser dinner tonight, so I’m going to make sure to call the school and put in my two orders to go. I heard it’s turkey dinner with all the fixings, just have to supply my own soda for $12.00 per plate. So I don’t have to worry about cooking dinner tonight, plus that gives me plenty of time to get my butt up and do one of my exercise DVDs. I’m trying to aim at working out every other day like I used to….. so we’ll see how long I keep this up for :P LOL…… We put our pop cans out at lunch and they were picked up for recycling at about 12:15PM. I usually miss the pickup and have to take them down myself, so I’m happy we caught them this time!

Went back to work after lunch and there were more people standing outside waiting to get their checks cashed. It’s funny when people come up here with their credit/debit cards and ask for cash… We don’t have an ATM and we don’t do cash back from our machines. But the Post office will take credit/debit to make money orders that we can cash for 10%. So there are little ways to working around to getting cash from your credit/debit cards here. By 3PM I had counted the checks in the till, I dealt with 19 checks already today, that’s a busy day..., we usually only have like 3-6 a day…

The wind died down a bit, but I’m not sure if it’s going to get nice enough for any planes today. Cooled down to 48F at 3PM. There are a lot of Trident employees walking around town today, that or the Independence (Indy-a processing boat) is tied up at the dock and letting their people wander. Either way there is actually a lot of people out and about today. The store’s been pretty busy, getting waves of people at a time, then it will get quiet and another group will show up. I have that list of stuff that the store needs to order, but I don’t have to have the order in to our vendors until the 4th of March for the next sailing out of Seattle. I’m waiting to make sure we have everything we need, I’ll make sure to get that in to them on Tuesday, they like it by no later than the Wednesday before sailing.

I can’t believe it’s already end of the month and another week that I’ve been blogging! I’ve been enjoying writing in this everyday! Oh, the barge came in yesterday at 3, but they couldn’t get to the dock until like 4:30 because the Indy was tied up to where they needed to go, so they had to wait like a whole hour and a half for everyone to get back on that processor and for it to move out of the way. There was a callout for one guy, Raymond’s turn this time. My bro’s turn next, then my hubby. We try to rotate them all so that they get equal hours. They finished up by 10:15PM and we heard them heading out the bay at about 11PM (We call it the Big Monster Gyrfalcon, she has some powerful engines up under her skirt! We can hear her growling from our house {more like a sweet hum}. I think she’s one bad a$$ beautiful tug, that’s why we named our blk Lab after her!).

Well I’m going to make my way down to the laundry mat and finally empty out those machines like I’ve been saying I was going to do (what was that like beginning of the week or something). I count up how much bills are in the change machine, and then count up the quarters from the laundry. I eventually go back down and put the total amount of quarters into the change machine that I got out from the bill collector. (Did I say that right?) The rest of the quarters get added to our daily sheet and get put away in the safe. I like to make sure to go down and check all the machines at least once a month. I also have to refill the laundry soap/bounce dispensing machine so people can buy those if they forgot or don’t have any. :) I hate how black my hands turn from all those dirty quarters after I am done counting them! I make sure to clean any part of my desk that had them on them, too. I got a couple calls for hotel reservations for middle of next month; we are already filling up quick for March!

I pick my dinner up from the school on my way home. Not sure what’s going to be on TV tonight, I just know that I want to get my butt in gear and get another workout in for this week! Every other day, unless I’m still sore from the day before, no less than 30 mins per workout is what I’m hoping to do once again.

Oh and to the comment about our church, yes we have a church here. Most of everyone here in town is Russian Orthodox Christians, we have a small church located not far from my office (If you go back in my blog I have a map of the village and the church is circled in pink.) They have services at our church on most of the Russian Orthodox holidays, and whenever a priest, father, deacon, or bishop comes to the island. We also have special ceremonies for marriages, births and deaths. I hope to have my church wedding here at home next year, I got all my court marriage paperwork done up last year thru the Dutch Harbor Court House. In order to get married in church I was told that I had to get married legally first. Almost everyone I know here has a court anniversary and their church anniversary. I want mine to be on the same date, just different years. :D Our church is named after St. Alexander Nevsky. For more information contact John or Zenia Borenin at (907) 698-2304 (this number is listed in the phone book), they both take care of our church (not sure of their official titles so I won’t attempt it because I know I’ll be wrong). Hope that was a little more informative about our church. Trident has a non-denominational church located next to the plane ramp that has church services every Sunday at 7PM, I believe. They currently do not have a pastor, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get together and pray (at least that’s what their signs say).

Well TGIF, I’m super happy that I get to stay up as late as I want and sleep in tomorrow! Already going to be the last day of February tomorrow… where did this month go??? My younger sis’ b-day is sneaking up on me… I need to find a gift for her, I like to try to surprise my sisters and get them stuff they usually wouldn’t get for themselves, although they know they’ve always wanted it… just didn’t want to spend on it kind of thing… so I have to find out what my sis has been wanting and go see what I can do ;) (That means drop me some clues sis!!) I’m going to sit here and hold my chair down, cash any checks that people might bring up, answer the phone if it rings, do up paperwork at the end of the day, then go pick my food up from the school and eventually make my way home!
I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend! TTFN

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  1. lol dont forget to get those quarters done!! Sounds like a fun week. Hope you have a great weekend!


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