Friday, February 20

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wow.. so it's already the one month anniversary of my blog! Can't believe I've been blogging for over a month now! Hopefully I'm doing ok and everyone has been enjoying it. :) I have been having fun doing this so far and actually look forward to writing in it everyday! I love getting comments from people!

Well, I woke up feeling a little nauseous... not sure why I feel sick, probably from not eating a big dinner last night - I had a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs :P So I was about 15 mins late for work this morning. But wow what a morning! It's clear, blue skies, the sun came up over the mountains before 10 today! The rock ducks, sea gulls and eagles all making the morning sound that much more beautiful. Once and a while you hear the sweet singing of a tweety bird (Rosy Finch). It was clear skies all night, making it really cold - we actually got fresh frost on the the boardwalks and almost everything else this morning. Feels almost like spring, but it's way too early for us to be getting weather like this. I heard we have another big storm headed our way, nothing new....

I got to work this morning, my mom was putting carpet fresh down getting ready to vacuum the office. I guess the Cattle Co moved some musty smelling office supplies to their office, making it smell kind of "old" up here. So she's trying to freshen it up by vacuuming. I got the charge slips entered into the books and turned my computer on. I have the store order to price today (really small order), so I'm hoping to get that done before lunch.

The doctor and assistant checked out of the hotel, so I have one room to be cleaned. They had authorization on the company's credit card, so I just charged their account and gave them the receipts to take back to Anchorage with them. I guess they are out of here on the first plane, which is on schedule and should be here at 11:30AM. Wonder if they are bringing more mail, I didn't get everything I was waiting for.... all my newer stuff came in, but none of the stuff I've been waiting longer for has come in... so they must have sent over the new mail that's probably piled on top of the old mail over in Dutch Harbor. Sometimes I wonder where they store all our mail. One year we were getting major rat holes and cat pee all over our packages... Then we started to get them in all wet and frozen.... makes me wonder where exactly do they store all our mail when it gets stuck over there for a week at a time!

Yay, my mom brought me back a good size bag of Taco Bell Fire Sauce!! (THANKS SIS!) So we are going to have tacos for lunch today!!! :D It's still clear and sunny out at lunch time... hanging at around 36F right now! A slight breeze, but not much.

Lunch was great! Came back to work, brought Dante down with me this afternoon. The weather is starting to pick up, the winds are starting to blow a constant 15-20 from the SW. I heard it's supposed to blow 50MPH by tomorrow. Here is the forecase from NOAA:

So I don't think the 2nd scheduled flight is going to make it in today. At least we got one plane this morning while it was nice out. The doctor and assistant were able to make it in and out with out getting stuck here this time (only stuck in Dutch waiting to get here!). My mom got the deposit done and it should have gotten out on that plane.

My hubby is cooking steam bath today! Sounds really good, my nails are nice and long too (makes for good scratching!). Nice day for bath, it'll get windy and help for getting a breeze into the cooling room to keep it ventilated/cooled. So that's something to look forward to afterward!

The Corp got some paint on that plane, freight. I guess the paint is for the hotels, not sure if it's for the exterior or interior. So one of the guys grabbed the 4-wheeler to move all the paint to the Corp garage for now. I have to get the gas figured out with that bike. I went down to the City office one day and paid for 5 gallons gas... well they guys took the bike and said they would fill it for me and they would be using it. I had already dropped the jerry jug off down at the City's storage area to be filled, then I went to work and they took the bike. So I didn't get the bike back from them until end of the day, and I asked if they put the rest of the gas in the jerry jug away or not. They told me "oh that was our, we left it down there." Ok, so after work I take the bike down to pick up the rest of the gas, because the bike doesn't hold 5 gallons, the tank only holds like 2.5 gallons. So I should have had a whole tank full in the jug for next time we run out. But, NO... I go down to pick it the jerry jug up after work and it was still sitting where I put it, empty... The City office is closed, I have no one to complain to. On my way home I saw the guys who filled the bike and I asked them where the gas was, because it wasn't in our jerry jug. I paid for it and I want to know where the rest was. They said that they would talk with the City's fuel guy. I don't know who did what, all I know is that I'm missing gas and the bike needs to be re-filled again... So hopefully they get their crap figured out soon.

Other than that pretty quiet here in the office. A couple people stopping by to see if the Cattle Co is open or not. I don't know what their hours are exactly... he's up here at some weird hours of the night is all I know... The phone rings and sometimes it's just the dial tone... hmmmm... So far I cashed a couple checks, people must have gotten checks in the mail. I'm going to go check my mail and put some bills out in the mail.

I heard people are all excited to be going to bingo tonight. 19 numbers for Jackpot, the amount has to be up there if it's up to that many numbers... I haven't gone in a long time. I got offended when I was told I wasn't a regular bingo player. I've been playing since I was old enough (19)!! What the hell are they talking about???? So I said F**K IT! and haven't gone since... I don't know what they consider a regular player if I'm not one... so I keep my money and me at home :) Although I can said I did always look forward to Darryl's cookies that he occasionally brought! Bingo sounds fun, but we wouldn't be out of bath before it starts at 6:30, and even if we got out quick enough, I don't know if we'd have enough time to eat dinner! So I don't think we'll be going.

Hopefully find something to do tonight, see if there is anything good on TV. Not sure what we're going to have for dinner. I haven't really been cooking lately, on strike I guess you can say... LOL! I just get tired of cooking the same stuff all the time, and it's so hard to change it up when we don't really have everything to do that with. I guess I could get creative, but then that just takes more time.... maybe go have the usual at the cafe tonight. I'm going to see if I can get off work early and maybe just go to bingo.... we'll see.. not sure if bath is going to be ready if I try to get off early... the hubby usually has it ready right at 5 when he knows I'm off work! Don't hurt to ask though.... Well it's TGIF, so I get to enjoy the weekend and sleep in, YAY! My mom is home so I don't have to worry about the store's paperwork over the weekend!

Never know about this weather, might hold up to be nice enough for the 2nd flight to come in, but we have some pretty good size waves out in the bay with a good breeze. I'll make sure to comment tomorrow whether or not that flight came in. :)

Well, have a great weekend everyone!!! TTFN...


  1. Congrats on one month!! Wish I could write as much as you do every day!!
    Give Dante A kiss for me!!

  2. Congrats April Dawn!! I usually follow Dan's blog, but he has gone trekking. I think I have just found a new blog to follow - yours!!! I find your lifestyle amazing ! I live in the deep south - which is a completly different world. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I definitely enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up. Your description of daily life is really interesting. Congrats on the 1 month!


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