Friday, February 13

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow.. It's already the 3 week anniversary of my blog!! Not to mention it's Friday the 13th!! I'm not too big on superstitions, but there are some that I do follow. Like not to walk under ladders, and breaking glass gives 7 years bad luck. And I don't like to step foot on the F/V Northwestern because I know that the captain has superstitions about women on the boat (well I don't go on any boats but my dad and uncles or unless I have to take one to get on/off the island!).

I can't believe how fast this year is already blowing by... Valentine's Day tomorrow already! My niece finally got her birthday presents that I ordered her online, gee took it long enough, and you'd think it wouldn't take as long to get to Valdez then it would to here! But I'm happy that she loved the new clothes that I got her, I always remember my aunties sending me new clothes! I loved getting anything in from my family when I was a kid! So I'm happy to at least do the same for my nieces (no nephews yet!)!

Well, woke up to a pretty windy morning. It was blowing like hell all night! Like I said the other day, red sky in the morning! This is a pretty good size storm packing a good punch wind-wise! Not much precipitation, not as warm as yesterday but holding at about 36F. Almost all the snow on the hills have melted. Obviously not getting any planes today. There are at least 2 dozen boats hiding out from the storm in our harbor, most of them are tied up at Trident dock (almost 5-6 boats out from the dock!).

Nothing much going on in the office. The guys are still working painting and replacing the trim in the Cattle Company office. The store opened usual time at 10AM. I got all the charge slips entered into the charge book. Made some copies of the daily sheets for both the office and the store so now I'm good on those for at least another month. Bought some cash from the Post Office and made them checks for it. I got a little bored and changed my blog a bit... I took pix of the pups last night, but they are on the computer at home, and the internet at home is being a pain in the ass! So hopefully get those posted here sometime!

I didn't want to cook today for lunch, so we went and ordered the usual from the cafe to go. French dip like usual for me and a chicken burger w/no cheese for the hubby. The pups love when I have french dip... they get to do tricks for some of the meat ;) Trying to teach Dante to sit. He'll slowly catch on. He's finally loving my hubby, going right up to him and asking to be picked up. When we first got Dante, he wouldn't go near my hubby for nothing, even food! I'm so happy that he's finally opened up to him! I love how he just took to everything really good, the whole transition and everything. Potty training is going great too! We clipped some pads up in places so they can lift their leg and go pee! I think they like it! :D

I got a couple reservations in, the new Doctor and assistant should be coming in. Also, waiting for the dentist to call in for their hotel reservations, I know they are coming there are signs up. Nothing much to do in the office this afternoon. Cashed a couple checks, people paid a bit on their store accounts. I'm going to get payroll done between 3-3:30 today, we are closed on Monday.

Not sure what to eat for dinner tonight. I am thinking I want something light. I don't want to have to dirty up the kitchen by cooking something big. Maybe go see what kind of microwave food is down in the store. Pizza sounds good but I don't think we have any down there right now... and I'm too lazy to make my own... so we'll see when the time comes :P

Not sure what all is supposed to be on TV tonight. Would have been a good day to go cook steam bath, but the hubby wanted to stay home with the pups and get some cleaning done. I love that he keeps the house clean for me! Tomorrow is the one year mark since we got our Roscoe! I can't believe that a year ago today I only had my bk lab Tug! Now we have 2 little chi's added to our family!!!! I wouldn't mind adding a female chi to the group eventually, but that won't happen for at least a year or two!

Not sure when the weather is supposed to clear up. Looked like a good size storm. At least it doesn't feel too cold outside. Just blowing pretty good! Well have a great weekend. TTFN


  1. hahaha u guys are so0o0o funny!! clipping pee pads up so they can lift their legs!! thats just to0 funny!!!....i h0pe the weather clears up there! butanywh0 just th0t i would come thru and comment about the clipped pee im still crackin up about it!

  2. Octoberone
    really enjoy your view of life on the you really see the northwestern?.....your revamp of your blog is much easier on the eye,not that i don't like pink but this is classier.

  3. NW isnt as finicky as the others about women on board. If you manage to get invited...go for it! Take pics. Especially Edgar then send them along to me!! lol. Love your blog. Learning about life in Akutan makes me really want to visit.


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