Saturday, February 28

Finally posting my pix!!

Pix we took today (Feb 28) on our hike up the hill. First one you can just see the goose taking off! The second a prefect pic of town. And in the 3rd is of the 4 loves of my life! (Note Dante not wanting to sit and wait for the pic, he kept going up the hill!)

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009
My pot of Halibut chowder, ready to be served (we ate out of it aleady or it would be a full pot!! LOL)

Pix of the stormy windy day. We had recordings of 120+MPH in our bay! You can see the wind picking up a misty wall of water and blowing it around. The bottom pic is the sunrise that day.

Some Pix of the guys tearing the old store down - One of the last standing old wood buildings left in town.

Pix from Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009
Sunrise then I turned around and took a pic of town from the hydro hill...

My Two baby boys - so hard to get a pic of these two with out one of them moving!


  1. OHHH!!! Dante Looks sooooo Much Bigger already!!! Must be those French Dips!!
    Great to finally see your pictures again!!!

  2. Great pic of the village from up on the hill. Is it possible to label some of the buildings for identification? I see the Church but what is that building with the three entrances and where is the clinic and cafe? Also I notice that the pics of the pups tend to show a blue eye color. Is that typical of the breed or is that just a camera reflection as in "red eye" on people photos? ( I remember the satellite photo you posted with labels but this pic brings it clearer to my mind).

  3. love the pics. its fun seeing different parts of the island.

  4. I'm not sure about their eye color when I take pix, some times they glow back just like my labs, and other times it comes back that bluish color... I think it's pretty cool though! I will try to photo shop that pix and label buildings that are visible and repost it up again...

    And NO CB, it's not the french dip (they barely get any of it, like 4-5 pieces of meat). He's having fun running and jumping around, he's getting some great muscle definition in his little legs! I just started to feed them Purina Pro Plan Small Breed formula for Adults, no more puppy food for my little chi's! :D

    I will keep an eye out for the NW.. ;)

  5. Ang would like a pic of Norman if you can swing it. And if you can get some good shots of the NW...clear shots. I have someone who needs them for artwork. I emailed you do have my email if you want more info.

  6. OMG! The old store is gone!? That's gotta look weird. And the weather, I heard was crappy, but after living in Anchorage, my thoughts of crappy were way less than that! :)


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