Saturday, January 31

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ahh it felt good to be able to hug my pillow a bit longer today! Hoping to hear if I get to have Dante or not. Whether or not I get that pup is all that I can really think about right now. Had to wake up at 4AM and get my hubby ready for doing a barge. He had a callout for 5AM, but the barge didn't exactly get tied up until about 5:45AM. I felt so bad for him and Raymond for heading up there right at 5 because we swore it looked like they were at the dock already. When here the tug and barge were just putting around waiting for boats to move out of their dock space! So they had to sit around in the cold, blowing snow for 45 mins before going to work.

I stayed up for a bit, but there is nothing good on tv that early in the morning. I'm not too big on football, so don't expect me to be rooting for the superbowl (although when I do go for a team, I go for the team everyone else doesn't like, so I guess I'm going for the Cardinals!). I only watch the halftime show and the commercials :P The Roadhouse (the bar) is going to open around 2PM and the cafe is selling pizza (whole and by the slice), shish-ka-bobs, and someother food items for everyone who's getting into the game (and also for sale to everyone else who isn't!). I wouldn't go anywhere to watch it except my living room with our 37in tv and 1500 watt surround system!!!

What happened to all the good cartoons that used to be on on Saturday mornings? So I went back to sleep around 7AM and woke back up around 10:30AM! I get so bored when I'm home alone (hubby is still working, he'll be done sometime tonight).

The weather is snowy and blowing from the east today. Pretty cold, staying in the low 20's! I doubt at all if the plane is ever going to make it in anytime soon with how stubborn our weather can be.

I don't have anything planned today. Maybe clean up the house a bit: vacuum, do the dishes, laundry and maybe scrub the bathroom out. I've been playing Guitar Hero:2 on xbox 360, getting pretty good at that game. Would have never thought I'd be playing an "instument." Working on expert mode now, it's super hard, but fun! My hubby would have never known most the songs on the playlist if it wasn't for those games. I on the other hand grew up listening to all the classic rock songs from the 70's and 80's, they all remind me so much of my dad!! We were visiting my parents one day and my dad was all like "I'm gonna put something good on to listen to in the background" and he goes and starts playing the songs that are on the game! I told my hubby "see, told you I grew up with all those!" LOL!

My mom is back and that means I don't have to run into town to get the paperwork out for the store. She does it on the weekends since she lives closer (and she has the 4-wheeler)! I'm happy to know that I don't have to get bundled up and walk down into town in this weather!

I'm so excited, Dante is all mine! All I have to do now is find a way to get him here to Akutan. I hope my cousin is still in Dutch waiting to come home, maybe she can bring him over or watch him if he get's stuck in Dutch. I don't know too many people over there that would hold a puppy for me until he can get over here. But that's so exciting that I was able to help give Dante a new home and I can't wait to get my new baby in the house! I gotta find out how much it costs to ship a dog down on Pen-Air cargo... and whats the earliest flight I can get him down to me!!! I feel like screaming off the roof tops, "I got a new baby coming!!!" :D

The weather is still crappy. Still blowing, snow squalls on the constant move. Still no planes.... the temp are still hanging in the low 20's! Feels freezing cold (then I go back to memories of going to UAF and feeling -53F and I warm back up!). I hope that the weather clears up long enough to get one flight in to bring my new baby home!


  1. If You need to I will babysit Dante here in Dutch. ( AND spoil him rotten!!!!)

  2. awesome april, i'm glad you got him :) :):) -jess

  3. would you please if my cousin isn't there to bring him home? I know she's over there waiting to come home, but I have to wait till he flys down tomorrow. Hopefully God clears the weather up and lets him come home to me. Thanks a lot CB! I will call you if I need your help, I will find a way to make it worth your time and effort! ;) Your a lifesaver!

  4. Yaay!!! I knew CB would come thru. Congrats on the new fur baby- be sure to post pics.

  5. I'm way excited for you! I'd take care of Dante in Dutch too, BUT I have 3 huge dogs that would think he was a treat! What a nice guy you are, CB!


  6. HEY CB... can you email me?

    penair is going to call me back on available filghts, but they might need your info so they can release my Dante to you there in Dutch. I'll know more once cargo gets back to me on when he's expected to arrive over there!

    Thank you so very much again, feels really, really good to know I have someone I can trust and rely on when needed!! Just let me know what I can do back!!!


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