Friday, January 23

Friday, January 23, 2009

FRIDAY!!! Today started out pretty good. The weather was nice when I went to work! The freighter came in this morning, so our store is stocked up again. It was actually nice out all day and we got our 2 scheduled flights in! The first flight was nothing but mail, which is nice! So I finally got my sister Ivy's baby's christmas presents in the mail today. I ordered them and they were shipped on December 10, and it's just now getting here. I swear it got lost somewhere!! I also got my new RAZR cell phone in today! I couldn't stand not having a camera on me all the time, so I got both of us one!

The office was a little active today, cashing Trident employee checks. Must either be no fish to process or people are coming down when they should be sleeping! The temps were in the low 40's to high 30's, there really is no snow left. It had been raining the past couple days! We had microwave food for lunch and ate dinner at the cafe - I had a french dip and my hubby had chicken nuggets. My dad left for meetings today, and my mom has been in Anchorage escorting my great-uncle Chris to his hospital appointments. So I am watching both of their houses and their dogs! My mom and uncle should be back soon though, so I won't have to worry about the dogs for that much longer.

My hubby is working for the City right now, digging up the power lines trying to find a break somewhere in the line. They have an electrician working here showing him and a couple other guys where to dig. Hopefully they get it found and fixed soon! The barge is going to be in tonight, but Trident doesn't have any product needing to leave, so no need for a call out. A call out is when the captain on the tug Gyrfalcon calls and says if he needs any longshore men to come out to work. Right now we only have my hubby and Raymond, my brother is out fishing on the F/V Farwest Leader doing opilio crab fishing (God be with him and keep him safe). I also heard a rumor that the new Aleutian Housing Authority's (AHA) new 4-plex "up on the hill" -as I call it- is having a rodent problem. Not good, that's a new building and the tenants just moved in like less than 6 months ago! Hopefully get that problem worked out. So that was what today was like...

Hopefully the weather is just as nice tomorrow as it was today!

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